Whatever Your Problem is, You Can Change Your Life

Making a change in your life is a lot easier to talk about than to actually do. We’ve all heard about how people will get involved in various addictions or bad habits, and kind of let their life fall apart around these choices. Until one day they hit rock bottom and have no choices left other than to take steps to get out of the problem they’re in.I have known people who are, for instance, addicted to alcohol and/or gambling. They are creative and manage to find ways to keep on going so that they are always able to have the alcohol they want or to have that extra little bit of money to gamble. After all, with gambling, the next step you take might be the right one and suddenly you will make back all the money that you lost over the years. This is the big one! This time, Lady Luck will be on your team.This time you will know when to stop drinking. After all, all you have to do is say no. There’s no reason or rationality to this kind of thinking. With alcoholism or any other addiction, it’s really hard to get out of the problem you’re in if your mind is always distracted by wondering where your next drink is going to come from, or by having your mind clouded by the alcohol itself.There are other situations that we get in to and not realize that they are just as addictive, or just as troublesome to the lives we want to have. I’m talking about things like work habits and getting in debt habits, and ways of trying to find your way back to the life you originally planned to have. No one ever ever planned to have a life where every phone call was a debt collector. Or every rent day was a day to be dreaded because there wasn’t enough money for the rent. Or where the sight of the utility truck on the street brought a sinking feeling to your heart because you knew that they were coming to turn off your electricity.The route to this kind of poverty is very similar to the route to addiction. These routes are often littered with poor choices. A lot of the things that cause us to make the wrong choices are really nothing more than inexperience or urgency or lack of planning or lack of thinking. There’s a kind of a knee jerk reaction to most things that come up such as, Can I afford to buy this…fill in the blank. It can be a toy, it can be an item of clothing, a piece of jewelry, a vacation.These poor choices end up leading you into a life where you cannot clear your mind to make the necessary changes. Whichever your addiction is, stop. Get help. Try to envision a life where each day did not involve chasing after another drink, another gambling dollar, or avoiding the landlord. Concentrate on that feeling of comfort and let it grow.